Today was the Wrong Day to Wear Parachute Pants: A True Story

If I were to sum up the entire amount of rain I’ve observed over the span of my life, I’m honestly not sure if the total would be more than the amount of rain I observed tonight.
It was raining as usual when I left the psych building, and it was still raining as usual once I got off the #41 and crossed the street to wait for the #7. The bus wasn’t scheduled to arrive for another 7 minutes, so rather than walk home in the rain (and this was one of the best decisions I’ve made, just wait), I decided to just stand there and wait for it.
Not a minute later, the sky exploded. It literally went from an average rain storm to a FREAKING TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR in about a second. It was like god was pouring an infinite bucket of water from the sky, it was crazy. Within two minutes there were rivers of water flowing down Dunbar wide enough to paddle a canoe down them. The wind was blowing like crazy, the traffic lights were swinging, people driving didn’t quite know what to do…

It was insane. Then, just as suddenly, five minutes later, it stopped. And the bus showed up. My pants were SOAKING wet, like I had jumped in a lake or something.
Crazy times. At least I still had power this time.

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