Plot? Pfft.

Why in the hell did I choose a NaNoWriMo plot that made no allowance for physical description? I’m realizing how much I rely on that in my writing. Oh well. A chance to improve on my dialogue, I guess.
Even though I haven’t made much progress yet, I’m finding the whole NaNoWriMo thing more of a stress relief than I thought I would. Which is odd.


General synopsis of my story, by the way:

Once the new outlook took hold in the Numerical community, it was difficult for any one of the Positives to turn against it. The idea that they were superior to the Negatives chewed with an insatiable hunger at their minds and turned them against their counterparts with a speed and illogicality that had never before been witnessed in the Rational world.
The divide widening, the 0verseer useless and indecisive, the Primes alone were unaffected. A collective anachronism from a time when unity was a common theme throughout the universe of mathematics, they alone stood left to bear the decision of whether to restore harmony to the Rationals, or to banish the Negatives to a different realm, perhaps to the Irrationals or the Imaginaries, or even to a new category of Numbers all together.
But they needed an insider–a Number not of their own caliber, a Number with connections in both the Positive and the Negative realms–in order to determine the best course of action.

And in the end, they chose Twenty Seven.


Yeah. This stems from the short writing exercise thingy from Intermediate Fiction I put up here a few months ago.

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