The cylinder may have graduated, but the thermometer has many degrees


So today I woke up at 7:00 AM to go and graduate. And yes, they definitely make a bigger deal of it in the spring than in the fall.
They also forgot to put “summa cum laude” on my reader card (I had to write it on there) and they got my major wrong in the commencement book (they had last semester’s degree).

Let’s see, what else happened…

There was a major technical difficulty and the two front screens shorted out after about 15 minutes…Walt Minnick’s speech was the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard…people with air horns are stupid…

Also, even though there were six (I think) philosophy majors graduating, I was the only one who actually walked. This wasn’t awkward at all except for the college receptions after the main ceremony. CLASS was in the Memorial Gym, and when I went inside there were all these different signs for the different majors, under which the graduates were supposed to gather.

I was the only one under the “philosophy” sign. But it’s okay, ‘cause my mom got a picture of me giving a big thumbs up underneath the sign. And the department head came up to me—apparently I went to school with his son—and congratulated me on finishing in three years.

It was fun.

Long, but fun.

Oh, but what was really cool was that the last song I heard the band play as we were leaving the Kibbie Dome was “School’s Out for Summer.”

That’s the first song we played in band camp my first semester here.


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