Stress relief via the internet!

Hahaha, holy crap, three finals right in a row, with Symbolic Logic smashed right in the middle.

Fun times. Though I do think I got the quantifier proofs right, and if I did, it would be the first three times that I got quantifier proofs right.


Tonight I took an online test that was structured after Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, which states that there are several different types of intelligence and that people have strengths and weaknesses in the various types. I took one early tonight, but I misplaced my results and didn’t want to go back and do it again, so I did a different one here.

My results (the higher the number, the stronger I am in that area):
Linguistic: 9
Logical-Mathematical: 10
Spatial: 10
Bodily-Kinesthetic: 6
Musical: 8
Interpersonal: 3
Intrapersonal: 9

A Short Definition of your Highest Scores
– the ability to use numbers to compute and describe, to use mathematical concepts to make conjectures, to apply mathematics in personal daily life, to apply mathematics to data and construct arguments, to be sensitive to the patterns, symmetry, logic, and aesthetics of mathematics, and to solve problems in design and modeling. Possible vocations that use the logical-mathematics intelligence include accountant, bookkeeper, statistician, tradesperson, homemaker, computer programmer, scientist, composer, engineer, inventor, or designer.

Spatial – the ability to perceive and represent the visual-spatial world accurately, to arrange color, line, shape, form and space to meet the needs of others, to interpret and graphically represent visual or spatial ideas, to transform visual or spatial ideas into imaginative and expressive creations. Possible vocations that use spatial intelligence include illustrator, artist, guide, photographer, interior decorator, painter, clothing designer, weaver, builder, architect, art critic, inventor, or cinematographer.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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