Waiter! There’s some Plato in my Play-Dough!

The size of us here on earth in relation to the size of the overall universe: this kind of stuff boggles the mind. I love trying to comprehend it. I’ve searched around in various places to try to find stuff that would create a more comprehensive visual demonstration of size and perspective. So here come the YouTube videos.

First this: powers of ten, zooming from wide perspective to narrow perspective.

Then this little factoid, which I’ve mentioned on here before but I think it’s very relevant to get a good idea of the sheer size of the sun: The sun loses 7 million tons of material every second, but all the material lost so far amounts to less than 0.01% of its total mass since it started shining.

Here is a model of just the solar system to scale. Now look at the sun, how big it is.

Now this: another video I’ve linked to on here before (and on Facebook) but only because it’s ridiculous to think about things that size.

With this one you can compare them all more side by side.

Finally this one. It helps with the distance and the freaking huge expanse of the universe. Despite the implication near the end that a supreme being was responsible for all this, I think it’s a good demonstration. Keep in mind, this is traveling at the speed of light, taking us to the edge of the universe and then back in for perspective.

I love this stuff. Hope it was informative to you all.

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