The results are in! The “white males ages 0-12 months” demographic loves my blogs!

Today I shall present to you a numbered list of little items of news involving me/work/life/the sky. Commence enjoyment.

1. I was peacefully reading a book whilst sitting in my chair this afternoon when I swear this plane flew about fifty feet above our house. Scared the crap outta me. Stupid plane. I’m boycotting.
2. The fry station and I have engaged in hand-to-hand (hand-to-metal?) combat on several separate occasions.
3. I decided to put a new picture album up on here. It’s called “Travel.” It’s only got about eight pictures in it, but I may add more later. They’re from Alaska, Sweden, Finland and London and are all in no particular order!
4. I get a little too excited when socks come in the mail.
5. I dug through all my old crap (I had consolidated it last summer so that it all fits into a closet) and found 1,671 only-slightly-used pens. Let me explain: I buy pens to use them but then I grow attached to them and I don’t want them to run out of ink, so then I buy pens to replace them but then I grow attached to them and don’t want them to run out of ink and then the vicious cycle repeats itself again and again. I think I may have a serious problem. And the fact that they’re pens and not something nonsexual like, oh I don’t know, cardboard, does little to ease my mind.
6. How this escaped my glances previously I don’t know, but today I noticed that my belly button is ever so slightly off center. I now have to lift up my shirt every hour or so to give it a good stare down. I’ve decided that this behavior must cease before I have to go to work in about an hour.
7. What’s up with me and chairs? Seriously, all chair species are out to kill me. No, there’s no story to this one. Just stating fact. (Note to self: keep away from large dining rooms.)
8. I’m lonely and in need of a good butt-touching.


And that’s about it. Claudia’s Life: The 1-Minute Rundown. Pretty sad, isn’t it?


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