“You’re a fool, Marianne! A horrible, hopeless fool!”

Francis Tovelty: I’m finding myself liking this guy. No one’s ever heard of him. Though I’m not sure I agree with some of his ideas, he makes a few good points. I might post one of his longer writings on here later, but here are a few quotes:

~”There are no deities, there are no destinies. There is only darkness, and within it the relentless parade of man’s ideas, grasping for truth and meaning.”

~”Men, of all the creatures on earth, place the most emphasis on perfection and strive for it our entire lives. Yet men, of all the creatures on earth, find perfection the least often.”

~”Had I been born a fish, I would have led a life filled with more intellect, self-exploration, and interest than the lives of half the characters in popular books today.” (this is so true, especially today…)

~”It is humans alone who suffer the malady of conscious thought. Through it, we blindly seek truth. It is conscious though that has elevated us above natural naivety and propelled us into a world caught between the animal and the divine. Therefore we must ask—why must such injustice be inflicted upon souls so unready?”

What sayest thou? Speak!

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