Shining moments in my quotation history…

…because shameless self-promotion is what I’m all about!

Here we go…

~”For someone who isn’t a vacuum, you sure do suck.” (Girl Scout camp)


~”Nebraska: The “N” is for Knowledge!” (MSN name)

~”I’m an astrophysicist, and I’m studying Uranus.” (MSN name)

~”My butt makes Uranus look small (pun intended).” (MSN name)

~”Never again will I let a Kit-Kat eat ME!” (MSN name)

~”The Tusk knows all!” (that one night at University Inn)

~”Invite them over for a scrambled egg jamboree! With cyanide. Jamboree! Seriously, serve ’em up. ‘Want some scrambled eggs?’ ‘Oh, now nice!’ ‘Here ya go!’ ‘Mmm, what is this, cyanide?’ ‘The very best!’ ‘My throat’s closing up!’ ‘Have a nice day now!’ Problem solved.” (response to ‘what do I do when people are egging my house?”)

~”You’re going down like Jacob’s birthday cake!” (me being mean)

~That whole rendition of To Kill a Mockingbird in porn style (11th grade)

~(to the “Mickey Mouse” song) “K-I-D, N-E-Y, S-T-O-N-E! Kidney stone! *clap clap* Kidney stone! *clap clap* (last year)


I’ll add more when I fish my brain out of the library’s book drop-off bin.

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