The Presidents, the Presidents!

I have no life.

Since the streets of our town are in no particular order (at least the Presidential streets aren’t) I live on Grant St. and Aneel, who lives one street down, lives on Cleveland St.
So I decided to see which one of our Presidents was the best.

I present to you the Cleveland-Grant Comparison!!!!

**President Grover Cleveland (the 22nd and 24th President)**

– The only President to serve two non-consecutive terms.
– Reduced high protective tariffs.
– Saved the U.S.’s gold reserves during the depression of 1892.
– Helped out Venezuela.
– His first name is Grover (a good name for a blue guy, but not for a President).
– Married a girl 22 years younger than himself.
– Screwed over Civil War veterans.
– Pissed off the railroad people. You just didn’t want to do that back then.
– 1st Democrat elected after the Civil War (Democrats were bad back then).


**President Ulysses S. Grant (the 18th President)**

– Kicked the Confederates’ BUTTS during the Civil War!
– His memoirs earned him over $450,000 (holy crap!). But then he died.
– Was a radical Republican (Republicans were good back then).
– Was a friend of Abraham Lincoln’s.
– Didn’t do crap in the White House…this is both good and bad.
– Went broke after his Presidency.
– Accepted presents as President. This is a no-no.


VERDICT: Grant wins!…but barely. He had the same number of pros as Cleveland, but one less con.  Draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine, and they have won me a blue ribbon in the art show.

As I said, I have no life.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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