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In This Blog: Eigenblogger Gets a Facelift

Heyo, nerd buckets!

So if you’re reading this, it’s probably 2021 because that’s when I’ll likely get these blogs published you’ve obviously visited Eigenblogger. And if you’re one of my regular readers (or if this is at least your second time stopping by), you may have noticed the redesign.

Now that I’m in a position where I don’t have to freak out every three months or so about having a job in the upcoming semester, I finally felt like it was safe to spend some money on a blog upgrade – specifically, upgrading to WordPress Premium.

My mom had gotten me WordPress Personal a while back, which allowed me to have the domain of eigenblogger.com instead of eigenblogger.wordpress.com, which on its own is super cool. It also gave me three more GB of storage space (up to 6 from the 3 I got with the free WordPress version).

WordPress Premium allows me to keep my domain, upgrade to 13 GB of storage space (which will definitely be needed if I keep going at my current rate of posting media), the removal of ads, and (what I wanted most of all), advanced design customization. This meant that I could go into the CSS of my current theme and adjust it to be whatever I wanted (whereas before I could only change a limited number of things, like the background color, border color, etc.).

Now. Do I know CSS? LOL NOPE. But did that stop me from mucking around with my theme’s CSS until I got something that I liked? LOL NOPE.

Actually, I like the mucking around bit. That’s actually how I taught myself R (for the most part), LaTeX, and whatever the hell weird mishmash of code WeBWorK uses.

So what do y’all think? It hurts to lose my signature lime green background, but I can now begrudgingly admit that lime green is not the most “easy on the eyes” option to use as a background. I also wanted to simplify the color scheme a bit, so picking dark blue and yellow as the main colors seemed nice.

And I changed my header! FINALLY! Do you like it? It’s a little jagged ‘cause I don’t think I had the text parameters right in Photoshop, but maybe I can fix that with relative ease.