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The Best Part of Fallout 3 (so far)

So I was having a really crappy day today so instead of being useful I decided to play Fallout for a few hours.
I was on the “Stealing Independence” quest, which meant that I had to go into the ruined National Archives and retrieve the Declaration of Independence for Abraham Washington (a guy in Rivet City) so he could add it to his history collection.
So after killing about 30 Super Mutants I finally get to this room in which I find a Protectron wearing a powdered wig. This alone had me laughing for like ten minutes:

This robot claims that he is Button Gwinnett, the second signer of the Declaration, and that it is his sworn duty to protect the document with his life, even if that means fighting me to the death. My dialogue options included:

– Killing him (more of an action than a dialogue, but still…)
– Finding some ink to forge a copy of the Declaration, proving that I’m not one of the “red coats”
– “I’m Thomas Jefferson and I’ve returned to liberate the Declaration!”

Luckily, I have a high Speech score so was successful in convincing him that I was good old Thomas (after just sitting there and laughing for another ten minutes). He relinquished access to the document without much trouble and, since I told him he deserved a rest, just sat there while I also took the Magna Carta.

And the last thing he says to me is: “Do give my regards to Sally.”

This freaking made my day.


Oh, and I also have Button’s wig now.