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Help, I’ve Fallen Into Euro Truck Simulator 2 and I Can’t Get Up

It’s serious, dudes. Like, I spent part of my afternoon looking up racing/driving game steering wheels, pedals, and gear shifts that I could use for ETS because I HAVE A PROBLEM.

I like these.

Logitech G 920 Driving Force Shifter

Logitech Driving Force Shifter

I’d go for it because I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting tired of ETS any time soon, but 1) expensive toys are expensive and 2) I’m not sure how well they’d work with a desk setup rather than a racing rig setup.

But I can dream, right?

I never thought I’d love having my own virtual heavy truck but HERE WE ARE

I just spent $49,000 to further customize and upgrade my truck in ETS2. It’s super awesome now.

(Yes, I’m still obsessed with this game)