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Ask not for whom the Equinox…it nox for thee.

CBC News: reporting the important stuff.

Okay, yeah, those Calgary bathrooms are awesome. Those are the rave ones I blogged about a few weeks ago.

You think Hillary vs. Trump is an important decision? It’s got nothing on Montreal vs. Whitecourt vs. Calgary vs. Calgary vs. Winnepeg!

To be honest, though, any one of those toilets in those bathrooms could run the US better than Trump could.


Why is prevention measured in ounces?

Well, I can certainly tell I’m back in Vancouver, ‘cause my luck has taken a turn for the worse again.

I have two other people staying in my apartment. I got a knock on my door last night from the caretaker of the building who said “hey, the guy below you has a water leak in his ceiling, so the plumbers are coming tomorrow.”
It’s now tomorrow, and they’ve been here for six hours.
They had to take my toilet out, dig around in the sewer pipe for about an hour and a half, then they left my toilet in the hall while they went to get lunch, came back, sucked god knows what out of the sewer pipe, and then attempted to install a new pipe piece (that doesn’t fit).
Did I mention I brought Annabelle up here yesterday? Do you know how bad I feel about keeping her locked in the bedroom so she doesn’t sprint out of the apartment/fall down the sewer pipe (a valid fear—we had a cat that crawled under a fireplace once)? I hope the obscenely large sewer vac thing they brought in here didn’t scar her for life.

What joy. Welcome back, eh?

Today’s song: Worried About Ray by The Hoosiers

Protected: Aaron vs. The Toilet

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