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Ooooh, I like it.

Like many of The Killers’ songs, this is one that gives that nice painful tug on your heart with its yearning tone. The orchestra makes it so much better.

I’m also a sucker for orchestral covers of anything, so.


I’ve been super into The Killers lately. I’ve realized that their songs (a lot of them at least) have such an interesting, distinct tone to them…kind of like a frantic, nervous yearning behind the lyrics and music. It’s really interesting and really good.

Current favorite songs:

Unpopular Opinion:

Mr. Brightside is not The Killers’ best song. Their best song is Run for Cover, hands down. Before Run for Cover came out, their best song was When You Were Young.

Sorry, just wanted to say that.


Holy GODS, what a good song:


I don’t really follow The Killers very closely and only have like five of their songs, but every song I’ve heard from them has this amazing undertone of…I dunno, sadness? Angsty sadness? Anxious angsty sadness? Nervous fear? There’s this emotion that’s hard to define that seems to be right at the edge of the tone of their songs. I love it. This song has it to the extreme, despite (or because of?) its high energy.

It’s great.

(edit: It’s a Five Star, too.)