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If I Sits I Fidgets

I saw this animation a while ago, but I just recently found it again. Even just watching it makes me antsy.

I definitely get fidgety and lose my ability to concentrate if I spend too much time sitting. I walk for at least two hours every day (usually it’s closer to three and a half or four), so that’s time spent not sitting, but I still feel like I sit too much. I have no idea how I used to sit so long before I started doing my walks.

Walking helps me concentrate, anyway. If I do my walking in the morning before I go to campus, I feel like I’m a lot more productive, even if I don’t actually start doing any work until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. On the other hand, if I try to work at school first and then go walking, I know I waste a lot more time and just can’t concentrate as well.

Anyway. Now I feel super bad watching this on the day that I didn’t even leave the house, but tomorrow it’s back to walking/running!