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Dude. These redwoods are so freaking cool. I had no idea.

Some summarized facts from here:

  • Redwoods have been around for 240 million years; the currently oldest living one is at least 2,200 years old (that’s one of the trees in my NaNo!).
  • There are approximately 50 redwoods taller than 360 feet (the tallest redwood is also in my story!).
  • The sequoiadendron giganteum, the “giant sequoia,” grows in California’s Sierra Nevada range and nowhere else on earth.
  • The bark on a redwood can be up to a foot thick, and they are very fire- and bug-resistant.

Seriously, read about these awesome things (there’s a lot more on that site). I really want to go see the California redwoods now, even if I don’t stumble upon the Grove of Titans (coolest name or coolest name?).