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Jingle Bells 2: Jesus’ Revenge

Back in December 2019 (GOD, REMEMBER NORMALITY?????), I posted this awesome 7/8 time version of Sleigh Ride:

Well, now you get this beautiful piece:


I don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation or because today was horrible or what, but that key smash in that first 1/8 time bar is hysterical.

Some of the comments are great, too.

  • i was like “hey this isn’t so bad” then i was proven extremely wrong
  • Everybody gangster till the quadratic formula finds its way into music theory
  • First 10 second I thought “well it’s not the worst”, couple of seconds later I got anxiety
  • “Oh it’s actually not that bad” Key smash “Oh ok”
  • I can’t get over the 25 whole notes at 1000 beats per minute in 100/4 time.
  • Ah yes, the snare solo is my favorite part of jingle bells

Love it.

Baby’s First Dissonance

This video makes a lot of good points regarding how terrible we are at introducing music to children.

Reason #5633 why I shouldn’t have kids: I would Sunn O))) the hell out of them and they’d probably grow up with some sort of weird complex.

Edit: On another note (HA! Get it? Music? Note? I’ll see myself out), here is Sleigh Ride in 7/8 time. Super cool.