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Are you sick of all the calculus stuff yet?

Got my “Newton v. Leibniz” paper work-shopped today and my teacher said it  sounded like something out of The New Yorker. So that was pretty cool.

I’ll post it here once I edit it a little more. There are still a few parts I’m not happy with.


If there’s anyone else out there who really digs the history of science/philosophy of science/science in general, they might want to check out the works of Carl Djerassi. Dr. Djerassi, an emeritus professor at Stanford, writes “science-in-fiction.” This, he says, is different than science fiction but also different than biography, as it illustrates scientific history via the human, personal sides of some of the most prominent scientists and scientific events that we’ve seen. In addition to fiction, he also writes poetry, memoir, and plays. I recommend “Calculus” because…well, obvious reasons.

Anyway, check out some of his work if this sounds interesting to you. I just spent like two hours reading his stuff and researching him. Very cool dude.

That’s all!