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Road Trip – Day 12: Santa Rosa to San Francisco

Holy hell, San Francisco is frightening.

I don’t know if it’s because both Nate and I had different expectations of the city than what we got or if we’re just in a bad part of downtown, but wow. Not a place we’d want to visit again and certainly not a place we’d ever like to live. No offense to any subscribers or passers-by who live there, but it’s not a city for us.

It is also FREAKING EXPENSIVE. We went to Denny’s when we were in Oregon, ordered dinner, and spent about $13 for the both of us. Tonight we went to a Denny’s here, ordered exactly the same things (‘cause variety is the spice of life and we don’t like spices), and it cost about $36. Crazy.

At least the Golden Gate Bridge looked nice.


Road Trip – Day 11: Fortuna to Santa Rosa

More hiking today! We went to Prairie Creek and did an 11-mile round trip hike that brought us out to a beach and back.

I also took STUMP PICTURE…


…which is probably going to end up being my best picture from the whole trip, just wait.

Edit: yup.