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Today I present to you: “PROVERBS GONE WILD” (or, “Jacob and I should not be allowed to message each other after 4 AM”).

  • If a sound falls in a tree and no one is around, does it make a forest?
  • You can lead a drink to water, but you can’t make him horse
  • What’s the hand of one clap sounding?
  • A doctor a day keeps the apple away
  • Evil is the root of all money
  • The bigger they fall, the harder they are
  • First served, first come (dirty as HELL)
  • That which does not make us stronger kills us
  • Contempt breeds familiarity
  • A hard man is good to find (hahaha, this one’s my favorite)

Oh, and a really pathetic stats joke. Because I’m just that way.