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Check out that Tuesday/Thursday, eh? Depending on when I end up teaching, I may  just have band on those days.

But I do want to add something else somewhere…not sure where…but somewhere. I don’t like this 12/13 credit thing.


Maybe I’ll shove an art class in there if I can. Or another stats class. Though I’m not sure if anything that I haven’t taken/aren’t already taking is being offered.




So I’ve got good news and bad news.

Bad news: due to scheduling conflicts, I had to drop my “for fun” class, Engineering Physics, this semester. Perhaps I’ll be able to fit it in next fall.

Good news: room has opened up in Intermediate Non-Fiction, the next class for me in the Non-Fiction track. So I added that today as my “fun class” at the last minute (literally 11:59 PM).

And in the long-term (’cause I’m all about the long-term), this is probably a better class to take right now anyway. It actually pertains to either a Writing minor or an English major depending on which I decide to pull. And I’ve been itching for another writing class. I love being “forced” to write for homework and I love to read other peoples’ writing.


If two hotels from the same company sleep together, is it considered inncest?

I’m at work right now writing this. Decided to take a short break for my sanity’s sake. This damn PDF I’m working on keeps crashing Adobe Acrobat so I’ve had to read this 50-page chapter on bowel movements like ten times.

Anyway, after screwing around with my schedule a bit this last week, I’ve finally got next semester all in place. Behold!

I’m beyond excited. I’ve missed school so much.

That is all.

Screw this monotony, I need to do a factor analysis!

Ahhhhhh, much better.

It’s surprising how much happier doing a random FAs or CFAs makes me. I wonder what that says? Certainly that I’m on the right track in a sense…

So I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to apply for a job at the Census this summer. If I get it, I’m quitting UBC. Decision will be final.

I also DREAMT ABOUT CLIPPY LAST NIGHT WHAT THE HELL. I think it’s because I was going through ye olde blogs and found that one about him. It was a pretty awesome dream. Clippy’s Odyssey will be an upcoming short story, I promise.


Um…what else…

Oh yeah. No freaking clue what to do for Script Frenzy yet…might redo/expand Marionette, but that sucked more than anything I’ve ever written, so who knows.


Today’s song: Castaway by Chasen