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Gwobba wubba?

I’m pretty sure we’ve screwed up the planet past the point of being able to fix it.

I mean, I’ve thought that for a while now, but the way the weather’s been acting this year (not just in Calgary but everywhere) and for the past, say, five years as well really suggests to me that we’ve gone past the tipping point.

Which is quite scary.

I didn’t think the major consequences of our destroying the planet were going to hit us in our lifetimes (the lifetimes of our children, yes, but not ours), but given what’s been going on, I’m going to say that they’ll be happening within the next 15 years or so, max.

Yup. Scary.


So today was sufficiently awful.

But you know what made it better? The news that we LANDED ON A FREAKING COMET.

Isn’t that the most ridiculously cool thing? I, for one, didn’t even know we had plans to land on a comet, let alone that Rosetta was launched way back in 2004. I was in high school then!

It’s just so sci-fi, isn’t it? I guess now we have our backup plan ready for when global warming gets out of control even more so than it is. Comet ice mining will solve the problem ONCE AND FOR ALL!