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Are you there, god? It’s-a me, Mario

So ever since I searched for “Mahler Hammer” for a blog in, like, July (this one), I get Mahler-related recommendations on YouTube every once and a while. And every once and a while, I watch them.

Today I watched this one:

Okay, two things:

1. What a freaking beautiful performance of a beautiful piece of music

2. I absolutely love musicians and conductors who get the hell into it. This conductor (Christian Vasquez) is so enthusiastic and so into it and it just makes it all so much better slfjslfghalfhakghdakfh

I don’t know. It just makes me so happy to see people feel music. It makes me feel the music even more.

ALSO, 2:59 is Frisson Central, holy hell.

Alright, I’m done.

Hark! A Pointless Blog!

So this song came up on shuffle today:

I hadn’t heard it in a while and I forgot what a tremendous feeling of anxiety that opening gives me.

Why, you ask?
(Shut up, just pretend you asked.)

Well, we were going to play this in band in 7th grade. We didn’t have any oboe players to play that opening solo thingy at 2:18, so being the nerdiest band nerd that ever nerded, I said, “hey Mr. Garrett, I’ll learn oboe, an instrument I’ve never even touched!” So I got my hands on an oboe and had about three weeks to learn how to play it (and play it well enough to do the solo thingy). I remember being so incredibly anxious about it every single time we practiced and, of course, when we performed it. I can’t remember how badly I botched it, but I’m sure I botched it quite nicely.


Also, cannons have nothing on the MAHLER HAMMER!

Dear Everyone on the Planet:

My last name is “Mahler” and is NOT pronounced with a long “a.” I could see where the pronunciation difficulties would arise if it were spelled “Maler,” but it’s not. Is there something about that “h” that makes things difficult for you all? Seriously, it’s probably in the top 5% easiest last names to pronounce, and people still manage to screw it up about 80% of the time.


Not MAY-ler.

If you type it in to the FREAKING ONLINE RHYMING DICTIONARY you get rhymes like caller, dollar, and scholar.

NOT jailer, sailor, or tailor.

Not that difficult, ladies and gentlemen.


Today’s song: The Mass by Era

Waiter! There’s a(n) [insert item/person] in my [insert thing that makes you sound witty]!

I went to the library today. I made some last-minute touches on my stats problems, and was done with my homework for the day (at least, I was done with everything I wanted to do). So I went wandering around the library and noticed for the first time (cause I’m an unobservant weirdo) that there were a couple racks of music CDs on the first floor. I went over there and checked them out. Then I did something I’ve surprisingly never done before: I listened to some Mahler.

And I didn’t think it was half-bad.

But then again, I have about as much music-critique authority as a ferret raised entirely on Eminem, so what does my opinion matter?


But it was fun regardless.