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If January would just LISTen! (It’s the January List)

  • I miss running.
  • I miss my 30-mile walks.
  • I miss walking fast.
  • Hell, I miss walking without pain.
  • Stupid dumbass legs.

There. There’s the January list. Bite me.


What is that on the horizon?

Is it…
Oh god…

We gotta do this March list before it’s too late!

  • I still can’t believe we got to see OK Go in concert. How cool is that, seriously?
  • I posted this stupid thing on Tumblr like way back in summer 2013 and it’s still getting reblogs. This is the only semi-popular post I’ve ever made.
  • Ray is fantastic.
  • The text makes this even funnier.
  • DJ Earworm is my main man when it comes to the yearly pop mashups, but Daniel Kim’s Pop Danthologies are pretty good as well. Here’s last year’s. That switch at 2:58 is fantastic.
  • This semester is WAY easier than last semester.
  • I’m simultaneously excited and terrified about my upcoming thesis prep/writing/eventual defense. I mean, I’ve done it before so I know what to expect, but last time was one magnificently god-awful experience, and I’m always afraid that will happen again.


101 Things to Do Before You Graduate

If found this list a couple of nights ago. I’ve decided to post it on here and highlight the things I completed in undergrad/grad already. Perhaps this time around I can complete the rest.

1. Complete Your Academic Plan [I had this done like the first semester]
2. Meet With Your Advisor 3 Times A Year
3. Go To Office Hours [quite often]
4. Meet The Department Head Of Your Major [stats!]
5. Take A Professor To Lunch
6. Study Abroad
7. Ask A Question In Class
8. Learn A Foreign Language
9. Take A Random Class [my whole first semester was random classes]
10. Conduct Research With A Professor
11. Finish An Assignment A Week Early
12. Get Published [thesis + undergrad work]
13. Apply For At Least 1 Scholarship
14. Graduate 10 Times More Prepared
15. Participate In A Campus Tradition [does getting lost in Brink count?]
16. Lead A Campus Organization
17. Take A Campus Tour
18. Attend A Guest Lecture
19. Join Your Alumni Association
20. Take The GMAT, GRE, LSAT, Or MCAT [the GRE was a nightmare]
21. Take A Graduate School Course
22. Visit A Graduate School
23. Perfect Your 30 Second Pitch
24. Build Your Personal Board Of Directors
25. Contact 3 Successful Alumni
26. Get A Mentor
27. Join A National Association Or Organization [NHS]
28. Attend An Industry Related Meetup
29. Master Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint [I am the PowerPoint WIZAR])
30. Make A List Of All Your Skills [I had to in order to make a good grad school essay]
31. Intern With 2 Companies
32. Earn A Certificate Or License Relevant To Your Path
33. Give A Public Speech
34. Learn How To Use Photoshop Or iMovie
35. Learn HTML & CSS
36. Take The Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0
37. Start A Blog Or Website [hahahahahaha]
38. Buy Your Own Domain Name
39. Create A Portfolio
40. Clean Up Your Facebook Profile
41. Create A LinkedIn Account [I need to update that]
42. Google Yourself & Edit Your Online Image
43. Get Business Cards
44. Get A Personalized Email Address
45. Record A New Voicemail Message

46. Find Two Quality Business Suits
47. Create And Edit Your Resume
48. Post Your Resume On 3 Job Boards
49. Conduct 3 Informational Interviews
50. Do A Mock Interview
51. Know Your Answers To The Top 20 Interview Questions
52. Prepare 5 Unique Questions For Every Interview
53. Get 3 References Or Recommendations
54. Meet With A Career Advisor Each Semester
55. Do Company Research
56. Attend At Least 2 Career Fairs
57. Recruit A Career Team
58. Read An Industry-Related Article Every Day For 30 Days
59. Create A Budget
60. Set Up Checking & Savings Accounts
61. Get Your Credit Reports & Scores
62. Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt [never had any!]
63. Start $1,000 Emergency Fund
64. Do Your Own Taxes [they were Canadian, does that count?]
65. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad
67. Sell Something & Make A Profit
68. Get Paid To Do What You Love [doin’ that RIGHT NOW!]
69. Interview 3 Professionals About Career Trajectory & Salary
70. Get Your Real Estate License
71. Learn To Cook 5 New Dishes
72. Play An Intramural Sport For Fun
73. Get A Physical Exam Every Year
74. Run A Marathon
75. Abstain From Something For 30 Days
76. Learn To Meditate
77. Host A Potluck Dinner
78. Interview Your Elders
79. Go On A Road Trip Or Camping Trip [it was only to Coeur d’Alene, but that totally counts]
80. Write A Letter Of Forgiveness

81. Write 5 Thank You Notes
82. Volunteer For 30 Hours In A Semester
83. Be A Mentor
84. Raise $1,000 For A Cause You Care About
85. Organize A Huge Event
86. Define The 3 Ways You Measure Success
87. Set 3 S.M.A.R.T. Goals For The Year
88. Start A “30 Day Do It” Group
89. Create A Vision Board
90. Take A Personal Development Course
91. Create A “101 List” For Your Life
92. Read The Alchemist
93. Read A Spiritual Text Cover To Cover
94. Visit Your Country Of Cultural Origin
95. Journal For 30 Days In A Row
96. Watch 20 Videos On Ted.com
97. Wear A Costume To Class
98. Take An Alternative Spring Break
99. Sing Karaoke
100. Do Something You’ll Likely Get Rejected From
101. Create Your Own List Item