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Ketchikan, a weird dream, and pain!

First the dream. It was probably caused by the rocking of the ship, but who knows. Apologies in advance to Jacob’s mom, and keep in mind, this is just a dream!
All of us (Aneel, Candida, E’raina, Jacob, Shannyn and I) were at school. At lunch, we all went across the street to Jacob’s house. There, we went into his garage. I started digging around in an old dresser and found an old bra. I put it on and started dancing around the garage and doing other weird stuff. Then, I turned around, and saw my mom, my dad, and Jacob’s mom all glaring at me. I didn’t really care, until my parents told me that they had compiled all the bad stuff I had ever done (holy crap!) and were disowning me.
Eh…that’s about all. It seemed really weird the day after, but now that I’m typing this nearly a week later, it seems like a fairly normal dream for me.

Now on to Ketchikan! My mom and I did this really cool four hour adventure cart thingy in a private park. We got into these ATVs and drove them around on rough roads and over bridges and through streams and all sorts of cool places! And they gave us goldfish crackers! Yummay! ┬áPlus, the bumpiness didn’t even hurt my butt. Ketchikan gets a freakin’ lot of rain, but it didn’t rain today.

Finally, the most interesting (and funny) thing that happened to me today. I had already taken two rolls of film by this point, and my mom and I took them to one of these little wooden boxes where you drop off film. I put the film in those little envelopes and wrote down my name and room number. Then I dropped them in the box. Then I realized that I forgot to mark the little “doubles” box on the envelopes. So, being me, I stuck my hand into the box. There weren’t too many film thingies in there, so I found one envelope quickly, marked the “double”, and put it back in. Then I reached back in to find the other. I couldn’t quite reach it, so I stuck my arm in up to my shoulder to find it. By this time the box was starting to cut off the circulation to my arm, so I tried to pull it out…but I couldn’t. My mom’s standing there going “pull harder!” and was trying to shield the whole thing from the little security camera that was above us. After about three minutes, I finally maneuvered my arm around so that I could get it out. However, I left in the box about three layers of skin from my arm, which was all cut up and bruised. I shall never do that again. At least, with that specific box.


Hooray! Now off to Juneau!