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Have you ever wondered if the Jeopardy! games were recorded somewhere? And if so, where?

Well, they ARE recorded, and it’s on the internet!
(Of course.)

The website is called J! Archive and it contains (almost) every Jeopardy! game played since Alex Trebek started hosting way back in 1984. Since we can’t get Jeopardy! up here in Canada unless we watch it on the Spokane channel (which we can’t, ‘cause we don’t have cable), Nate and I are just going through the episodes, starting way back at season 1, and playing though the questions. It’s pretty fun (despite the fact that 1984 Jeopardy! is not nearly the well-oiled game show machine it is today).

The website also has a search function, just in case you want to see if a particular word or phrase shows up in any questions or answers.