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Blah Party

Life is a waste of time and I can’t wait ‘till it’s over.


I don’t care about this blog anymore because it’s a worthless bag of garbage. Just like its creator.

Do you reMEMBER…the 21st blog of SepTEMBER

Last night I had a dream where I meticulously pulled out every individual strand of hair on my head with a pair of tweezers. Then, with a little laser, wrote a different reason why I’m a garbage human being on each strand.

Conscious me ain’t got nothing on subconscious me when it comes to self-hatred.


My incompetence makes me physically ill.

I do not deserve the people in my life who put up with me.

Hell, I don’t deserve my life, period.


Screw you, Twitter. SCREW YOU!

(That link takes your tweet nonsense and makes it into poetry nonsense.)

Finished reading
by Claudia

I can also feel it in my heart.
As I was waking up this morning.
Poop is a fantastic form of art.

Can’t need to CREATE!!
I am a bucket of sadness tonight.
“ICU” doesn’t seem appropriate…

I absolutely hate polar coordinates.

I am so done with this semester.