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She wants the d/dx

Stuff I gotta do when that elusive jerkface Free Time returns:

  • Walk until my toes fall off.
  • Clean the condo. My responsibilities are the bathroom and kitchen, which get the most visibly gross the fastest.
  • Consolidate my pasta. No, that’s not a euphemism for naughtiness. So the one thing I ever make for dinner is penne pasta with broccoli and feta cheese, right? Well, I have this phenomenally bad habit of using about 88% of a box of penne before buying another box and starting in on that one. Then it gets 88% used and the cycle repeats itself until I have 20+ mostly empty boxes of pasta in the cupboard and a new box of pasta in my backpack that I picked up from Safeway on my walk home and another box of pasta in my office desk drawer because it wouldn’t fit in my backpack and a husband who’s wondering where he went wrong in selecting a wife.
  • Clean the little storage room in the back. There’s a lot of boxes back there. And cat litter dust. Time to sweep where no man has swept before!
  • Clean my side of the closet. There’s a lot of boxes in there. Mostly shoe boxes full of dead Kinvaras.
  • Draw more. Nate bought me an awesome sketchbook and a set of really nice markers, but I haven’t had a chance to touch them yet.
  • Organize my bookmarks. Most of them are in alphabetical order, but the rest are in a chaotic mess. I don’t like it.
  • Read this amazing biography of this amazing human being yet again, because it’s getting to be that time of the year.
  • Rewrite my old calculus notes into one giant notebook combining calc I, calc II, and calc III. Because calculus.
  • Do my 50-mile walk. It’s time.
  • Organize the crap on my computer. My desktop is all a-clutter with random files named “lasjflsdjf” and “what is existence” and “AAAAAAAAAAAAA” (100% real titles) and I have no idea what the hell they are and how necessary it is to keep any of them.


[Plays Half Life for three hours then wanders aimlessly about the house]

Sung to the intro of Bohemian Rhapsody:

Is this some free time
Or just a fantasy?
Caught in a down time
I shall escape from reality.
I’m gonna play Quake
Or maybe some Fallout 3…

First time I’ve had free time since the start of the semester. Time to fire up the Xbox!