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I deleted my NaNoWriMo novel because IT IS GARBAGE AND SO AM I.

Edit: I also deleted my NaNoWriMo profile because EVERYTHING I WRITE IS GARBAGE AND SO AM I.


Do you ever feel so completely stupid that you just think, “I can’t live like this anymore?”

In related news: I can’t write. I mean, I can put words on paper (screen?) and have them sort of make sense. But I can’t make them pretty or make people want to read them or provide them with some sort of impactful experience upon completing one of my stories.

It blows.

I’m an idiot.

I’m going to stop talking now.

Insult + Injury = Apple Pie

FUCK I didn’t get into my top school.

I could have guessed as much.

Screw this, I’m too much of a loser to blog today.




Because I’m a stupid, worthless, hopeless piece of crap who is afraid of math, I decided to drop Linear Algebra.
Go ahead and laugh, I deserve it.