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Silly Rabbit…Trix are for Magicians

Haha, ohhhhhhh…my titles kill me.

Now to the blog:
YES! My statistics test has been moved back to next Friday. I’m frightened. I’ve never taken a 400-level statistics class.

On another note…

I feel the need to poke fun at emos. Thus, I dub next week “Claudia Blogs Like an Emo Week”, starting on Monday. Why? Because I feel a blog-esque lampoon of the stereotypical emo blog is needed. And I think it would be hilarious if I did it, because…well, I don’t know. But it will be.


Onward to year 20!


I feel alone.

I need to yell.

The only thing you can truly rely on is yourself, you know? Just your own mind and your own thoughts. Everything else is unreliable, fleeting. People get tired, get bored, they leave, they move on to better things. Animals, too. Technology is variable and can work one day and crash the next. Nature can turn on you. In the end, all you’ve got is yourself.

Don’t judge me on the way I clothe myself. Until you can show me the statistical proof that all people who wear bright colors are either a) hippies, b) nonconformists, or c) stupid, shut the hell up.

I wish life were as it was a few weeks ago, two or three, maybe.

I’m still looking for whatever it is I’m missing, or whatever it is I lost. I’m unsure as to whether I’ve lost it or whether I’ve just realized I’d never possessed it. Maybe it’s something I have, something extra, that I need to get rid of. Whatever it is, I hate it.

What is worse, to never be able to be trusted or to never be able to trust?

All an emotion does is make you feel. All a feeling does is make you emotional. Both are irrational and should be trifled with as little as possible.






This blog makes little sense.

Why yes, this IS real courduroy!

“Oh, life sucks…nothing matters…I wish I were dead…I’ll kill myself–not that it matters anyway…”

Shut up, already! HOLY CRAP!

I know I’ve written about five blogs on this already, but it’s really annoying and depressing!


“I wish my grass was so emo it would cut itself”

What the friggity flying hell is up with this?

Why do people try to out-emo each other? I’v e heard about seven different conversations regarding the awfulness of peoples’ lives over the course of the last week, and each went something like this:

“My life sucks.”
“So does mine.”
“Mine sucks so bad. My mom wouldn’t buy me Half-Life 2 so I tried to slit my wrists last night.”
“I tried to slit my wrists three times last week.”
“I tried to hang myself from my bed last Wednesday, but the rope broke, so I decided to do my math instead.”
“I tried that last month, but my mom came in the room so I pretended I was practicing knot-tying.”
“There’s no point in living, really. I hate everything. My parents suck.”
“I’m so full of hatred and anger. “
“I bet I have more hatred and anger than you do.”
“You can’t possibly have more hatred than I do.”
“I’m pretty sure I do.”
“I bet I’m more miserable than you!”
“Prove it!”
“I can slit my wrists much better than you!”
“You’re on! Your house or mine?”
“Yours. My little sis just got a Furby and I don’t think it would be nice to get blood all over it and stuff.”
“Okay. Hey, we can play D&D for a few hours before we start.”
“That sounds so boring and utterly pointless.”
“True. Why do we even bother?”
“I dunno…So 5:00?”

I’m sure your lives are just awful, what with that roof over your head and your opportunity to go to college and the fact that the cafeteria is open and available only MOST of the hours of the day instead of all of them. Just awful. No wonder you want to kill yourselves.