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Too Coolio for Schoolio

So I know a lot of people think I quit grad school because I’m stupid. I am stupid, and that was part of it, but honestly? A much bigger reason was this.

Quote from article: “…the essential motivation [to quit] stems from my personal conclusion that I’ve lost faith in today’s academia as being something that brings a positive benefit to the world/societies we live in.”

Another: “The problem is that people are entering into academia for the wrong reasons. What began as a world dedicated to advancing human knowledge has warped into a snobbish center of individualistic pursuits.”


At the two grad programs I’ve been in, the people I’ve met have (for the most part) been perfectly nice and fun and awesome. But they were so hell-bent on getting published, getting their name out there so they could have a tenure-track job right after they graduated, so desperate to get some high-paying, high-status title that it seemed like they lost sight of what being in academia should be about (at least, in my opinion): freaking learning!

I really think that was one of the main reasons I was so immediately disappointed when I started grad school. I was expecting to find a mess of fools who enjoyed learning for learning’s sake. There were some in there, of course, but most people were really just in grad school so they could get out of grad school and get onto a high-paying job.

And no, I’m not discounting the importance of having a job, especially one that pays off all your school debt and whatnot. But I just think that so many people make THAT their end goal that they forget why they even go to school in the first place.