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I’m bored and sad, so let’s do some more dialect quizzies. Areas in red are places that pronounce things similar to how I do; areas in blue pronounce things most differently from how I do. Here are the interesting ones to me:

I apparently pronounce “Colorado” like an East Coaster (colo-RAH-do).07-12-2018-a

Pronunciation of “pecan” (pick-AHN). I blame my Missouri-born mom.

Syrup” (SEAR-up).

Route” (rhymes with “out”). Montana has my back on this one.

Woo! Give it a shot here.

I done speak good

A few of my friends posted this on their Facebooks and so I decided to check it out and then post it here ‘cause it’s pretty freaking snazzy. I found the link to the whole data set here.

Some of the interesting ones to me:

  • I pronounce “crayon” like “cran” (rhymes with “can”), which is the common pronunciation in Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan/that region.
  • I pronounce “realtor” as “reel-uh-ter,” which is a little more common in the Midwest/upper south.
  • I pronounce “roof,” “room,” “broom,” and “root” with the same vowel sound, which is very common in the south and New England.
  • My “route” rhymes with “out” and that would probably get me beat up in New England, who strongly prefers that it rhyme with “hoot.”
  • I say “garage sale” rather than “yard sale” or “rummage sale.” Garage sale is common in Tornado Alley.

Cool stuff!