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God, do you people remember these?


“I got boob tonight!”


Today’s song: Symphony 1 in The Barrel of a Gun by Emily Wells

Haha, these are great

I have recently been made aware of this:

But why wasn’t I ever told of these?!

I am now amused.


Good memories. Good memories.

And Matt, I can’t tell if you’re amused or disturbed during that last one.

“Have a kitty!”

Nope, no drag related joke for this one

Ah, another drag show! What fun these things are, especially when we go to Denny’s afterward. Misty looked hot, Claude looked hot, and of course, Maggie looked super-hot.

Aneel, why didn’t you like my special dance?!



And the week of super-short blogs continues!


Denny’s Midnight Runners

Apologies to Dexy.

Ah, first football game of the year, and what an absolute bore the clarinet section is this year. Maggie, I miss you. I want to be up with you and Matt and Rob and all the other fun people up in the trombone/baritone section.


But enough about that!


Denny’s will never be the same. Tonight was awesome. Five us of go gadding about at 10 at night to Denny’s in Pullman. I had sugar. Melissa had a video camera. We were all pretty perverted. Fun times were had.

I must say, life is pretty good right now.


Except for math.