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Blisters from hell

We were at sea all day today, and I didn’t really have to walk anywhere. Which was good, considering that I have blisters all over my feet from dancing last night. A good piece of advice: never do The Twist for three hours barefoot on a glass floor unless you want to feel like you’ve just gotten your feet amputated. Ouch.

Plus, it was the second formal night tonight, so I had to wear my high heels again, which I started to call “high hells” because my feet hurt so awfully bad!

Blisters suck. But I rocked at dancing. People told me that they wanted me to dance again. I told them I would…if I didn’t have blisters.

Pretty slick for a white chick!

Let’s start with the beginning of the day. We got to Skagway, which is a little bitty town which seems to have constant wind. We took this awesome dog-mushing ride through the woods with a team of 16 sled dogs. ‘Twas much fun.

Here’s something I’ve noticed at every place we’ve docked so far. The ship from the Norwegian cruise line has, each time, had to tender their passengers (that is, take them by lifeboat to the shore because there’s not enough room for them to actually dock). Poor Norwegian. They’re ships have to compete with Holland America and Princess–two much bigger lines. Oh well.

Now on to dancing! I rock. That’s all there is to say. I got applause by all these old ladies who were there. It rocked.