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Canadian Mall – Installment 3: Coquitlam Centre

Things I’m good at:
– Missing the bus
– Tripping over my own feet
– Doing both simultaneously
– Cursing profusely


Getting to this mall involved taking the bus downtown, walking east to Burnaby, walking halfway across Burnaby, missing the bus by about 30 seconds, freezing my butt off on a bench waiting for half an hour for the next bus, then taking said bus on an hour long ride to the center.

Long day.

– H&M!
– The best layout of any mall I’ve seen
– There are more restaurants/stands in the food court than there are restaurants in Moscow. I’m not kidding.
– I finally found a store that had a copy of Mass Effect

– SO freaking far away
– If you’re going to close at 6 PM, don’t be so freaking far away (yes, this is a legitimate con—everything closes so early up here on the weekend)
– The parking lot is a deathtrap for pedestrians