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What Song Did COVID Ruin for You?

For me it’s The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights.

Do I still love it? Absolutely. It’s a five-star (and the first five-star since my Decade of Music project ended).

But I discovered it right at the end of March of this year, which was when COVID was starting to really hit Canada. The U of C had moved to online classes and I spent a lot of my free time watching the news (bad idea, I know) and seeing the daily cases climb, not knowing how bad it would get.

And now whenever I hear this song (especially the first few bars, for some reason), I get that little twinge of anxiety that I associate with the start of the pandemic in Canada.

So that’s great.

Did COVID ruin a song (or songs) for you?


Oh my god, I love this song.

It’s got such awesome energy to it. And it is now the first Five Star post-Decade of Music Project.

So that’s kinda cool.

(Seriously, I’ve already listened to this like 80 times.)