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Remember my dream the other day? Remember how there was an explosion in Beirut in that dream?

It was the explosion in Beirut. The one that actually happened yesterday.

Like…I didn’t even make the connection until today. I read “explosion in Beirut” as a news story title on CNN yesterday and really thought nothing of it. You hear “explosion in Beirut” and you think, like, a car exploded or something.

It wasn’t until I saw a video of the explosion today – and saw how massive it was – that I connected the explosion in my dream to the actual explosion.

It is the same explosion. I’m not even kidding.

Like, this video?

That is what I saw in the dream. Almost exactly. Same angle, same intensity of explosion, everything.

That is creepy as fuck.

If there’s a similar explosion in France at some point soon, the end of the world is coming, yo.