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Perspective (yet another nostalgia-driven post)

You’re probably thinking, what’s with all the nostalgia, Claudia? NO ONE CARES!

Yeah, I know no one cares.

But I think they’re all coming from how much I’m missing Moscow and thinking about all the time I spent there as a kid/teen/young adult. Just the constant thinking of Moscow is dredging up a bunch of old memories.

So yeah, that’s the explanation. Sorry if you don’t like it.


The random thing I remembered today was a set of fairy tale books I had when I was a young kid (first and second grade, maybe?). The series was called “Another Point of View” by Alvin Granowsky and it presented classic fairy tales/fables from the “traditional” perspective and then from a different perspective based on one of the other characters in the story.

I think my mom got me several of these, but the one I remember was “The Three Billy Goats Gruff/Just a Friendly Old Troll.

Edit: sweet, here’s a lady reading it on YouTube.

I remember my mom always emphasizing the importance of critically looking at stories, especially movies. Thanks, mom!