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Eh, good enough

I feel bad for not doing anything for my 8 year anniversary. So here’s some crap:

  • Total number of words over the past year (May to May): 99,463
  • Average number of words per sentence: 12.09 (in general, I write like 27-word sentences, but I think they average out with all my one-word survey responses and my filler text such as “YO!” and “Anyway.” and “Weird.”
  • Gunning Fog Index: 8.25 (so you need about 8.25 years of formal education to understand my blathering, apparently)
  • Wordle!


I don’t know why in the hell I started this blog in May. I guess I wasn’t thinking that this would always be the busiest month of the year.

Anyway. Thanks again for reading, all you loyal followers! And thanks for all your comments, Matt!

Eigenblogger Turns Eight!

That’s right, I’ve been blogging for eight years now.

That’s 2,923 days (counting today).

I was hoping to do something cool for today, but I’m obscenely busy and didn’t manage to plan anything.

But there will be later anniversaries, I’m sure. Number 10 will be big, I promise!

Thanks for reading, y’all, I appreciate it. :D