I am sad and life is monotonous and horrible so here’s a quiz to act as a distraction.

Don’t like it? Go to hell.

How much of a 90s kid are you?
[] You used to watch Pokemon as a kid (Never the TV show, but I did drag my dad to the first movie. He was SO CONFUSED)
[X] You didn’t own a cell phone in 1st grade
[X] You had slap bracelets
[] You remember when “grunge” was in
[X] Beanie Babies were your obsession
[X] You remember who Aaliyah was
[X] You remember the day Princess Diana died
[] You used to watch Doug
[] You owned and played a Super Nintendo game system.
[] Three words– Salute Your Shorts. You watched this show.

Total so far: 5

[] You actually got scared watching Are You Afraid of the Dark
[] You can name 3 cast members from the original All That crew
[] You remember The Big Comfy Couch
[] You know the lyrics “Bangin on a trash can, drumming on a street light”
[] You know who said “A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do”
[] Saved By The Bell and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air were always on when you were little
[X] Your hair used to be parted in the middle or you had bangs
[] Full House was one of your favorite shows
[X] You actually remember when Bill Clinton was president
[] You remember hearing about when Tupac died

Total so far: 7

[X] You witnessed a fight over Pokemon trading cards (bitch, I fought over Pokemon trading cards)
[X] All your friends and you played Barbies
[X] You read Goosebumps 
[] You owned a Skip-It toy 
[] You got up early on Saturday mornings just to watch cartoons
[] You’d beg your mom and dad to take you to Chuck E. Cheese
[X] You’d get a Happy Meal at McDonald’s just to get a Teenie Beanie
[X] Home Alone is a movie of your childhood
[X] You were a fan of Nsync/The Backstreet Boys
[] You had a big group of friends from your neighborhood and you all hung out together

Total so far: 13

[X] You watched The Lion King a bazillion times
[] You loved Britney Spears
[] You always used to say “talk to the hand”
[X] You listened to the Spice Girls as a kid
[X] You remember when DVDs weren’t around yet
[] You watched Beavis & Butthead
[] You knew that Kimberly, the pink Ranger, and Tommy, the green Ranger were meant to be together
[] You know the Fresh Prince theme song
[X] You remember having dial up internet
[] You used to own a pair of those jelly shoes

Total so far: 17

[X] You still know the macarena dance
[X] You used to have Polly Pockets
[X] You recall the Ricky Martin songs like “Livin La Vida Loca” and “She Bangs”
[] In 1999 you actually considered the world could end in 2000
[X] You actually remember life without the internet
[X] You took a plastic lunchbox to school
[X] You owned a Tamagotchi
[] You still get the urge to say “not” after every sentence. not.
[X] You remember S Club 7
[X] You wore overalls

Final Total: 25

Multiply your total by two and that’s your percentage for how much of a 90s kid you are.

I’m 50% a 90s kid. Woo!

What sayest thou? Speak!

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