How many surgeries have you had? Two, I think (appendectomy, wisdom teeth removal)
Do you have a doctor that you see regularly? HAHAHA NOPE DOCTORS SUCK
Do you have health insurance? Yes?
What are some medical issues you’re currently dealing with? Nothing serious, no.
Why did you last take pain medication? Weather headache. They happen a lot up here.

What physical traits have you inherited from your father? Pretty much everything.
How about your mother? The shape of my fingers. That’s basically it, haha. I look a lot more like my dad than my mom.
Do you have any children? God no.
What personality traits do you wish your children would inherit from you? I am not going to have children.

Where are you, right now? Calgary.
What country were you born in? ‘Murica.
Where were you raised for most of your life? Idaho
What parts of the world are your ancestors from? Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico, the Basque region.
What’s the closest major city to your hometown? Does Spokane count as a major city?

What is your favorite animal? Cats!
Do you have any pets, and if so, what kind and what are their names? Jazzy is our sweet little kitty. She’s the best girl ever.
Have you ever had a strange pet, outside of the normal animals people keep? My dad and I had some giant millipedes when I was younger.
When was the last time you went to the zoo? June 2019 with my mom and Nate.
What’s the last wild animal you’ve seen in person? Does a magpie count as a wild animal? ‘Cause they’re EVERYWHERE up here.

Do you take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds? Nope.
When is the last time you saw a therapist or psychologist? In Vancouver.
What do you tend to think about the most, throughout the day? I have about ten different fantasy lives that I cycle through depending on how I’m feeling. I’ve also been spending a lot of time thinking about my story recently, ‘cause I want to actually finish it.
Would you consider yourself paranoid or delusional? Neither.

Do you believe in astrology? I think it’s fun.
What is your star sign? Aquarius.
When’s the last time you read a horoscope and it actually came true? No idea.
What are your best friends’ signs? Aquarius and Virgo.
Do you think people act differently when there’s a full moon? Well, *I* was born under a full moon, so…

Would you consider yourself to be in shape? Eh.
When’s the last time you went for a walk or went jogging? Today!
What is your favorite work out? Walking. Running. Both.
Do you play any sports? Nope.

Do you recycle? Yup.
Do you drive an electric car? I don’t drive.
What are your opinions on global warming? It’s real and we’re fucked.
Does your country use solar energy or wind power at all? Yup.
What do you do to make the world around you more environmentally friendly? I try to recycle. I try not to use too much water.

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