Does anyone else remember this super artsy movie?

This odd little movie was something I first watched back in high school. In 10th grade, I had to get a few* EEGs done due to a weird blackout thing I had during English class one day. They were testing me for some sort of epilepsy or something and I had to be sleep deprived for it, which meant staying awake for 24 hours before the test.

Somebody (a neighbor? One of my mom’s friends? I don’t remember) knew that I had to do this, so they bought me a few movies to watch to help pass the time. One of them was Triplets.

I love the exaggerated style of the characters and how there’s very little dialogue. The music is fantastic, too. Give it a watch if you can find it!

*It should have just been one EEG, but Gritman is incompetent and they kept screwing it up. I had to get three of them total.

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