Are you thinking of traveling to see people this Christmas? Are you thinking of driving or flying or taking a bus somewhere?

If so, I have a tip for you:


You are not immune to catching COVID, and you are especially not immune to spreading it to others, even if you don’t have symptoms.

The rules apply to you, just like they apply to everyone else. Do. Not. Travel.

Stay home.

Does it suck? Hell yeah it does. I haven’t seen my mom since the beginning of January, whereas in a normal year I would have seen her at least once over the summer and would probably be visiting her right now.

But it’s worth it to know that I’m choosing to actively try to prevent the spread of COVID by staying home. It’s worth it to know that I’m not going to inadvertently give my mom COVID and possibly cause harm to her or anyone else due to my inability to suck it up and not travel.

Is your family worth it? Are your friends worth it? Of course they are. But if you’re planning on traveling to visit them, you’re not treating them like they’re worth it.

So please.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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