I miss my mom.

I miss Moscow.

I miss my office.

I miss campus.

I miss teaching in person.

I miss Market Mall.

I miss Anytime Fitness (even though I went there like five times a year, haha)

I miss public transit.

I miss long weekend walks with my husband.

I miss Westbrook Mall and the walk up there.

I miss disliking crowds of people because people annoy me rather than because I’m afraid they’ll infect me.

I miss the comfort of knowing I could travel to and from the US without any huge issues.

I miss pre-COVID normality.

I’m sure everyone else is feeling similar sentiments, but it’s US Thanksgiving today and I’m bitter about the fact that I won’t get to see my mom in a month like I normally do each year so you get to hear my whining.

Sorry not sorry.

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