So like every other article of clothing that I use for walking, my winter coat is really falling apart. It still does its job, but the pockets have big holes in them, the armpits have big holes in them, it’s scuffed up a bit in the back from when I got hit by that van earlier this year, and the coloring is all messed up from tons and tons of sun exposure (winters in Calgary are, typically, nice and sunny, which helps a little bit with how FREAKING COLD they get).

Thus, I spent a bit of time today looking up winter coats.
And they are EXPENSIVE.
At least the super-cold-rated ones are.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised at this, but 1) I never even had a good winter coat before getting the orange one I have now, and 2) I found that one at a Goodwill in Spokane for like $5, so I had no real reference point for prices.

I like the Canada Goose coats because they have an actual rating scale for cold appropriateness.

I could probably get away with a TEI3, but I’d prefer to get a TEI4 because when it’s that cold, a four-hour walk out in, say, -13, really tanks my body temp. A TEI5 would, of course, be great for when it’s SUPER SUPER cold, but there aren’t too many of those days (luckily) and I do have my treadmill that I can use on such days instead of going outside to die in the snow.

Also, a coat rated for below -22 would likely be way too hot in like 0 degree weather, and I’d like a coat that can handle a good range of temps.

Also also, it’s really my hands that get super cold on those really cold walks, so what I really need to do is find some nice warm gloves (or mittens, in case I want to throw hand warmers into them).


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