Book Review: The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Wilder)

Kindle-driven reading obsession COMMENCE! Let’s do another review.

Have I read this before: Yes! I read this in 7th grade, I believe. I think it was one of the first books on my “classic books to read” list back when it was in its first iteration.

Review: I only vaguely remember this book, in part because 7th grade was like TWENTY YEARS AGO and in part because I was even more of an idiot back then than I am now and I don’t think I processed this book very well. But it’s good. Basically, a rope bridge collapses with a group of five people on it and a friar who witnessed the incident is interested in trying to determine why those individuals happened to be the ones who were on the bridge when it collapsed. Was there a reason it was, specifically, those five?

Favorite part: I liked the chapter-based focus on each individual (or set of individuals) and how they interrelate. This bit from Esteban really stood out to me as well; I think this stood out to me in 7th grade as well:

“You know,” cried Esteban, leaning across the table, “you’re not allowed to kill yourself; you know you’re not allowed. Everybody knows that. But if you jump into a burning house to save somebody, that wouldn’t be killing yourself. And if you became a matador and the bull caught you that wouldn’t be killing yourself. Only you mustn’t put yourself in the bull’s way on purpose.”

Rating: 6/10

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