I think I found my theme song

So remember a few days ago when I posted that FloriDada song and I mentioned that I couldn’t decide if I liked it or was deeply disturbed by it?

Well, I found a lyric video to it and now that I know the lyrics, I absolutely love this freaking song.

Here is said lyric video, which is substantially less seizure-inducing than the actual music video, so if you were a feared of this song because of the music video, fear no longer!

“I don’t even know where to begin
Or how I should start these days.
The green mountain south or
The Clay of the westerns”

“I wanna discover the key
And open the everywhere place
A mix of sky from Montana
Dipped in FloriDada”

“Oh let’s go get lost in the image
I made of the everywhere place”

I freaking love these lyrics, oh my g o d

This might just be a five-star.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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