This survey is from TUMBLR and I have NO IDEA if those little icons are going to actually show up or not and I also have NO IDEA why I’m so freaking hyper right now but THAT’S THE BEST TIME TO FILL OUT A SURVEY, don’t you think?


🐰- do you believe in soul mates?
Well, I married mine, so yes.

💌- diary or journal?
Can I pick blog? I pick blog.

✨- which fictional character (book, show, or movie) do you relate to most?
Who do I relate to the most? I’m not sure, actually. I can tell you who I like the most, but I’d have to think a while on who I relate to the most.

💕- are you crushing on someone?
Nope, in love.

💋- kissing in the dark or kissing in the rain?

🍼- what is your favorite memory?
July 25, 2009. For reasons.

🌸- what is your favorite flower?
Sunflowers are pretty cool.

💖- have you ever been in love?

🍰- strawberry or vanilla?

🍯- describe your favorite smell

🍪- cookie dough or cookies?

☕- coffee or tea?

🍂- what’s your middle name?

💫- what is your sun, moon, and rising sign?
Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn.

🌧️- favorite thing to do on rainy days?
Nothing. I hate rain. It messes up my walks.

🍭- how tall are you?
5’2.5”. That extra half-inch is important when you’re this freaking short.

🎄- what is your favorite holiday?
Christmas is pretty coolio.

🍦- what scented candle is your favorite?

🎶- favorite song right now?
The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.”

💘- 3 ways to win your heart?
1) Don’t be a jerk to people; 2) have at least one thing you’re insanely passionate about; 3) be yourself (unless you’re a jerk, haha).

🍩- current mood?
Sad. As always. It’s my aesthetic, yo.

❄️- what is your favorite season?

💍- your current relationship status?

💅🏻- do you like being spoiled?

🕊 – 3 habits you have?
1) walking obsessively…is that a habit? 2) panicking 3) escaping into one of my many fantasy scenarios while I listen to music

🦄- how do you perceive yourself?
As garbage. ‘Cause I’m garbage.

🦋- how do you think others perceive you?
See above.

🍓- one secret about yourself
If I tell you it won’t be a secret, now will it?

🍒- how do you act when you have a crush?
I get…obsessive. It’s bad.

💔- the reason behind your last breakup?
Man, that was a while ago (2009). It was a mutual breakup, which I know people say sometimes when it’s actually not mutual, but in this case it was. I was moving to Vancouver to go to grad school; he was staying in Moscow to finish his undergrad. We decided to break up at the start of that summer.

💬- what your last text message says?

⛅- what is your morning routine?
Feed Jazzy, do bathroom stuff, get ready for my walk/run, walk/run.

💗- who do you miss?
My mom. My dad. Sean.

🥀- last time you cried?
A few hours ago.

🎁- when is your birthday?
Groundhog Day.

🔪- scariest/creepiest experience?
That insanity with Rob at Idler’s Rest. I was 100% convinced we were going to die.

💤- date someone younger, older, or same age as you?
Doesn’t matter.

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