Tunes to Soothe Your Pandemic-Riddled Mind

So now that I’m no longer working on my Decade of Music project, I guess there won’t be any more end-of-year song summaries.


I will periodically provide you with updates about groovy tunes that I find post-project.

Let’s do one now!

  • Blinding Lights by The Weeknd (of course. I’m in love with this song.)
  • Stupid Love by Lady Gaga
  • Karma by AJR (relatable)
  • Shout by Empara Mi (this song fits a good plot thread in last year’s NaNo so well, you have no idea)
  • Woohoo by Raghav (he’s a Calgary dude!)
  • Caution by The Killers (like every The Killers song, it’s got that sad, frantic yearning tone behind it. And for some reason that shot with the birds along with those chords at 3:56 just murdered my heart.)
  • Unless It Hurts by Galantis

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