Total Eclipse of the BUTT

what’s your favorite way to dress?
As colorfully and obnoxiously as possible. And in comfortable clothes.

if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
All. All of it.

what movie/game/etc. helps you calm down?
Euro/American Truck Simulator. So calming, yo.

what does your room smell like?

do you like to organize?
I do indeed.

what kind of music would you listen to if you could only choose one?
Like, what genre? That’s a tough one. Electronic, maybe, ‘cause that gives a decently wide range of types of songs.

what color do you think goes best with your personality?
What color is anger? Red? Red.

do you believe in auras?
Sure, why not?

is there someone you have mixed feelings towards?

talk about a story you came up with
Uhhhhhh so I wrote this story in 4th grade about this family of like eleven kids where one of the kids was a super genius and she was hell bent on making a canoe out of soda cans in order to enter it in a canoe race. I wrote it all in a purple journal. It took up the whole journal. It was a weird-ass story, but it was the first and last time I ever wrote a story of that length from start to finish without jumping round.

do you like makeup?
I do indeed. I’m not very good with it; I mainly put on a metric ton of super bright eyeshadow and call it good.

do you prefer space or the ocean?
Ocean, but only if I can stay on top of it (in a ship). I like ships.

if you could pick any planet besides earth, where would you live?

what animal would you keep as a pet, if you could?
Cats are all I need.

what do you think our purpose is in the universe?
To be.

is there a song you can’t handle listening to, even though you like it?
I have trouble with Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters because that song is so heavily associated with Rob and all that garbage that surrounded that whole situation. It’s a great song, though.

what is your favorite thing to learn about?
I like learning about mathematicians and statisticians and/or the history of math and stats.

what country’s history do you find the most interesting?
United States. It’s such a fascinating history in my opinion.

what breakup was the hardest, if you had one?
The one with Rob, ‘cause he wouldn’t go away. Oh my god that was hell.

do you have someone where you can’t decide if you like them romantically or just as a friend?
I used to. 2008, man. 2008.

what instrument do you wish you could master?
I’d love to be good at the cello, ‘cause cellos are beautiful.

how easy is it for you to be honest?
Pretty easy, I’d say. Or am I lying?!?!?!?

do you have any strange interests?
Hah. Hahaha. Um. I don’t know if any *strange* interests, per se. “Unusual” is probably a better descriptor. I like cloud typing. The kilogram. Units of measurement in general. Leibniz. The sun. Wallpaper groups. Mathematical conflicts during the European Age of Enlightenment. That kind of stuff.

do you have any strange fears?
I really don’t like dragonflies. I don’t know if I fear them, but I definitely don’t like them.

when you get angry, how do you show it?
I cry. I yell. I brood. “But Claudia,” you say, “you’re always doing one of those three things!” Exactly.

what do you listen to music on?

earbuds or headphones?
Oh god, headphones please.

do you like light blankets or heavy blankets?
My weighted blanket is so calming. I love him.

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